Doctor Appointments – Learn How to Get the Most Out of Them

Having a doctor’s appointment could be an unpleasant situation if you don’t know exactly what to do in order to get the best out of it. That’s why, I, as a doctor, give you these recommendations to make your experience better:

Keep a Record of Your Things

It’s really important that if you are going to a doctor’s appointment, you bring a record of any kind of test that you have taken recently. These test results can help your doctor to be updated with your body’s current state.

Bring Copies

You should bring a folder with copies of the relevant documents, such as test results and other appointments notes. It doesn’t matter if these documents don’t seem important to you because they were asked for by another doctor. With them, you will keep your current doctor updated with any kind of extra information that they might need.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you make a list with all the questions that you want to ask, all the symptoms that you have felt, some different patterns in your body, or anything that you might want to tell to your doctor, they will be really glad to answer every aspect of it.

Don’t hold back on your questions or doubts. After all, everything you say is strictly confidential.

Emphasize the Reason Why You Are There

You should know exactly why you are visiting your doctor and let them know it. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a check-up visit or if you are going for something specific. Let them know what are your reasons for being there and like that they will know where to start.

If you keep these four simple, yet crucial tips on hand, your experience visiting your doctor will be way more efficient for both of you. Try some of them and let us know your story.

4 Things to Consider the Next Time You’re in the Emergency Room

Yes, I am aware that most of the times you go to the doctor is because of an emergency, and in those cases, desperation, stress, and fear take control of yourself! But in order to make your emergency room visit better, you must keep these four things in mind:

Be Prepared

You must be ready with the appropriate things when you have to visit the emergency room. Even if it’s an unexpected visit, you must prepare a backpack with your personal belongings, especially your personal documents. That’s because you don’t know how long you must stay there.

Tell the Doctor Everything

You must try to remember as much information as possible about your symptoms or the situation that brought you to the hospital. This will help the doctor to get a diagnostic faster. That is great for you. It’ll help you get better in less time!

Try To Be Patient

Yes, it sounds funny, but it is not a pun. You need to be patient when you’re in an emergency room. Remember that you are not the only one that feels bad. Doctors will be with you as fast as possible, you just have to wait.

Keep that in mind with test results too. Doctors can’t snap their fingers and get them! Wait until your doctor comes to you to give you your results. Don’t get desperate.

Ask Questions

It doesn’t matter how embarrassing your situation is, ask the questions that you have on your mind. Your doubts are important. Don’t worry, as doctors will not make fun of you or anything like that. They are there to help and to make you feel better. What you want to know if your Health insurance cover all exams you need to do. Our Partner in Rio de Janeiro – RJ, that works with Convênio Particular rio de janeiro.


If you remember every single one of these tips into consideration, your emergency will be solved quicker. So, try to be prepared for any situation.

The Etiquette Manual – 5 Tips to Follow When Visiting Your Relatives at a Hospital

We all have to visit the hospital from time to time. Not only to take care of our health but sometimes because we need to visit our relatives when they are taking care of theirs.

If you are going to do it any time soon, you must be aware of these five tips that you must follow when you visit your relatives at a hospital:

Ask For Permission

Never go visit someone if you are not completely sure that that person wants to be visited. Remember that some people feel awkward when they are sick, especially if they are suffering from a disease that can put them in an embarrassing situation.

Bring Presents with You

Whenever you visit a patient, you should give them presents such as balloons, flowers, letters, and even chocolates (if they’re allowed to eat them). Just be sure that they are not allergic to the presents that you are thinking of giving them.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

You must turn off your cell phone or at least put it on silent mode when you visit a patient because you are in a hospital. It’s a place full of patients, that in most cases are ill, and need to rest or to be in a quiet environment. Besides, cell phones can create interference with several medical pieces of equipment, so you must avoid this from happening.

Keep Your Voice Down

In hospitals, you must try to make as little noise as possible. That means that you must also keep your voice down. Don’t yell. It’s only okay to yell if it’s an emergency, but other than that, just don’t do it!

Make It Short

It’s recommended that if you are going to visit someone in a hospital, your visit should be short. That is because they need their space and get some rest.

Keep these tips in mind and your visit will help the patient to feel better!